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The sights that we think are definitely worth your visit on Schouwen-Duiveland.The Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier (Neeltje Jans)

Oosterschelde storm surge barrier (Neeltje Jans)

The largest and most famous of the Delta Works. This 9-km long storm surge barrier closes off the Oosterschelde at the threat of a flood. The storm surge barrier was constructed from 1976 to 1986 between Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland. It is the largest storm surge barrier in the Netherlands.

National Park Oosterschelde

The Oosterschelde is the largest and wettest national park of the Netherlands. A world of tides, wind and mostly water, lots of water. Thanks to the tides, the landscape changes throughout the day. During low tide, you can see the sandbanks and mud banks, while its free reign for the water and wind during high tide. A beautiful and colourful world when under water. Behind the dikes, you see traces of the life of the people of Zeeland with the sea in the form of cart fields, deposits and creek areas. For more information, visit

Plump tower (Burgh-Haamstede)

The tower is the only remnant of the sunken village of Koudekerke. The tower is accessible to the public. Experience the history of Koudekerke while climbing up. Once you have reached the top of the 23-meter high tower, you can enjoy a beautiful view over land and sea! For more information, visit

Plan Tureluur

As bird enthusiast and/or birdwatcher, Plan Tureluur is the place to be. Thousands, sometimes tens of thousands long-legged waders, gulls, geese and ducks all in one place in beautifully brackish swamp. This is the reason the south coast of Schouwen is also called the bird boulevard of Zeeland. To get an impression of this special area, you can watch the episode of Binnenstebuiten of November 4, 2019.

Forestry Westenschouwen, The Domains and the Gull Dunes

Forestry Westenschouwen is the largest forest of Zeeland. A beautiful area home to scores of plants, trees and animals and where you can truly unwind. The Head of Schouwen consists of a hilly dune landscape with sand-drifts and valleys in the Gull dunes and the Snitch Dunes. Explore its nature on foot or by bicycle with the dozens of marked routes in the area. For more information, visit or watch the episode of Binnenstebuiten of March 26, 2018. It gives a great view of the forestry and dunes.

Monument city Zierikzee

2019 marked the 800th anniversary of the city rights of Zierikzee, granted by Willem I. The city is over 1,100 years old and used to be a village. But when it was granted city rights, the social status of Zierikzee also changed. During the Middle Ages, Zierikzee was an important harbour and trade town. The rich history of the small city is still visible when walking through its cosy city centre, which has beautiful monuments. For more information, visit