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Drinking & dining

Mussels, oysters and shrimps, right from the sea. Salty sea vegetables. Apples, pears, red fruit, blackcurrants, brown beans, asparagus.
No doubt about it, Zeeland is a food (and drink) lover’s paradise. You come across fresh, tasty produce everywhere: the sea, fields, polders and orchards. Sustainable and healthy. And often with that fine briny background.


Every cook has their own recipes, the choice is huge. You’ll surely find some culinary delights in one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants. Equally, a helping of deep-fried battered chunks of fish (kibbeling) straight off the stall, is just as good. Finger-lekker-lickin’, nibbling on the kibbeling! Whether you want meat, fish or something else, there’s something for everyone.

Mussels & sea vegetables

Eating out is one cool way to discover the delicacies of Zeeland. Like a deep fish dish, some sea bream, or a classical plate of Oosterschelde lobster. In the mussel restaurant, huge steaming pans stand and deliver on your table. That’s a really gezellig way to eat. Casual, natural. And for your veggies, glasswort and sea aster, plucked from the sea-side marshes. Zeeland naturally, with that fine briny timbre.

Zeeland meat and asparagus

A good many restaurants serve superb beef raised locally farms. The Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle from meat farm Boot in Kerkwerve graze on salty pastures. You can taste that.. A dish of boiled asparagus is traditionally accompanied by ham and egg. But another tradition is that each cook has their own variation. If you’re a food lover, try them all. Time is not on your side, mind. The asparagus season starts early in April, and ends, again traditionally, on St John’s day, 24 June

Zeeland, land of the fruity

When you see the orchards of Zeeland, you’ll see why our fruit are so admired. For example, with our neighbor: Orchard “de zoete kers” Plums, berries, pumpkins and cherries grow here elociously Here you can also obtain other, delicious regional products.

Zeeland, land of the sweet toothed

You’ll never be far from our sweet delicacies. Like the delectable Zeeuwse bolus pastry, with or without butter. Just about every bakery has them. And our version of butterscotch, the Zeeuwse boterbabbelaar. Let one melt away in your mouth, or take a tin for the folks back home.

Zeeland, land of the juice

Apples, pears, grapes, blackcurrants and local yeast: the basis for some great drinks. The Appelaere and Perelaere brands are our home-pressed fruit juices. Blackcurrants are versatile, good for you and good for juice, wine, or jam. Our climate is good too, for growing some special grapes. The wines of the De Kleine Schorre vineyard on Schouwen-Duiveland go superbly with local mussels, oysters, Oosterschelde lobsters and flat fish. Or is beer more your drink? Our many local breweries have a good variety of home-grown beers.