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Active holiday in zeeland

Walking in zeeland

Many people say they see Zeeland best at walking pace (bikers have a similar opinion!). Feel free, just head on out on a walk on the beach, or in a nature reserve. The Zeeland walks network joins up all the dots. A short walk, or a complete multi-day walking holiday, are all laid out literally before you. Our deep-rooted respect for our landscape, culture and identity means you can enjoy them to the full, out walking. There are dozens of walks to undiscovered places, quiet country paths and unique nature reserves. Or maybe you’re more into towns? A city walk will do. Whatever you choose, discoveries are just a walk away.

Biking in Zeeland

You have rather special company on many bike trips in Zeeland: the fresh sea wind, the view over the water and, near the dike, the ships sailing past. That’s when you’re on the outer dike, as you can be in so many places. On the lee side behind the dike, the landscape varies, its beauty flowing with the tides of the seasons. The people of Zeeland live behind the protective dikes, safe from the water. Our bike network takes you there, in the lee. But you can also cycle on the outer side, on the sea side. A weathervane symbol on our signs points you the windy way. How many paths can a biker go down? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. In Zeeland, we mix challenge and charm. For engines like yourself, we’ve got loads of trails to enjoy the great nature all around and the thrill of the wheels. We got MTB tours, long and short, A for All. Just no actual mountains, the designer left them out. This is delta country. Woods, forests, dunes, beaches enough to welcome you, much of it off-road. Our trails will fit your bill. Like the course in Westenschouwen, crossing in the dunes and the wood.

Watersports in Zeeland

In Zeeland, you’re always going to find a beach where the wind is just right for you. The wind has got 360°, but we got 660 km of coast.
We have sand yachting, surfing, skim boarding, waterskiing and supping (stand-up paddlin’). Kite surfing too, but a tip: when Dutch speakers say ‘kiting’ they tend to mean kite surfing .
Sailing and motor boats too, out on the open sea or on a lake, while divers can enjoy their underworld, as glorious as on the surface.